Front: Andrew Ward, Brittany Belding, Jeff Romano, Tim Bonaparte, Colleen Lathey, Bernie Martin  Back:  Lisa Canale, Alex Belding, Tim Lobczowski, Patrick Costello, Jennie Kurtz, Cory Jenner, Greg Horst, Vince Pietrzak, Pete Auyer, Katy Johnson, Jessica Smith, Linda Scott, Taylor Goldthwait, Pete Osborne

Not shown: Bruce Appel

Our clients benefit from the firm’s capability to creatively solve a broad range of planning, site design, and site engineering issues.

Our 24-person staff includes 13 Registered Landscape Architects including three partners, Peter Osborne, Vincent Pietrzak, and Timothy Bonaparte, and a support staff of 11 talented professionals including an intern from SUNY ESF.  Click on the photos below to learn more about our team starting with our leadership team!