Front: Andrew Ward, Brittany Belding, Jeff Romano, Tim Bonaparte, Colleen Lathey, Bernie Martin  Back:  Lisa Canale, Alex Belding, Tim Lobczowski, Patrick Costello, Jennie Kurtz, Cory Jenner, Greg Horst, Vince Pietrzak, Pete Auyer, Katy Johnson, Jessica Smith, Linda Scott, Taylor Goldthwait, Pete Osborne

Not shown: Bruce Appel

Our clients benefit from the firm’s capability to creatively solve a broad range of planning, site design, and site engineering issues.

Our 24-person staff includes 11 Registered Landscape Architects including three partners, Peter Osborne, Vincent Pietrzak, and Timothy Bonaparte, and a support staff of 13 talented professionals including three interns from SUNY ESF.  Click on the photos below to learn more about our team starting with the management team on the top row!