creative • integrated • sustainable
Onondaga Community College
Syracuse, NY

Onondaga Community College

2016 Mawhinney Hall
  • Design concept was to create a more inviting, open entry space using green infrastructure practices.
  • New plaza space opens up the face of the building and contains multiple pocket spaces for gathering.
  • Incorporated green infrastructure practices in alignment with the College’s sustainability initiative while still retaining the original use of the space as a drop-off loop. Project received funding from the Environmental Facilities Corporation Green Infrastructure Grant Program.
  • Plaza contains permeable pavers with storm water planters directing water flow into a bio-retention basin.
  • Repaving of drop-off loop with permeable asphalt.
  • Green spaces surrounding the plaza were transformed into bio-retention basins and bio-retention swales which reduce runoff by allowing storm water to infiltrate into the soil rather than going into the storm system.
  • Plaza also includes seating, plantings, educational signage, lighting, and decorative pavements.
2015 West Quad
  • Concept plan for the new west quad included the removal of a majority of the outdated existing elements to create a more open plaza with less hardscape and more direct circulation.
  • Design eliminated many of the stairs and employs ramps and terraced plaza spaces to accommodate the differences in building floor elevations to create an accessible, park-like setting.
  • Design included several sustainable practices to meet the College's sustainability initiative.  Storm water runoff is collected and diverted to rain gardens.  Decorative pavement includes permeable pavers and porous asphalt to reduce runoff volume.
  • New plaza includes seating, lighting and planting improvements, as well as highlighted areas for public art display.
  • A new clock tower focal element was included to anchor the quad.
2014 Whitney Plaza East
  • Redesign of the Whitney Applied Technology Center East Plaza.
  • Design concept was to recreate a "front yard" for Whitney including large lawn area intersected by sidewalks in the tradition of classic campus design.
  • The plaza creates a new open space for students while also becoming a major focal element.
  • Design included several sustainable practices to meet the College's sustainability initiative.  Storm water runoff will be collected and diverted to rain gardens located in the plaza and adjacent to the walks.
  • New seating, plantings, signage, lighting and decorative pavements enhance the East Plaza and create a welcome entry into the campus core as well as the building.