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Hamilton Homes
Oswego, NY

Hamilton Homes

2011 Complex Renovation
  • Multi-phase project for the renovation of an existing 45-year-old housing facility on a steep, hilly site.
  • Improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation including new and renovated parking areas throughout the housing complex including site design for an additional handicap parking lot and accompanying handicap accessible route.
  • Storm, water and sanitary upgrades.
  • Asphalt pavement repair and replacement.
  • Developed storm water analysis and erosion control plans in compliance with the SPDES Permitting process.
  • Provided site work and plantings for sign with brick pillars, flagpole, and community garden with raised planter, as well as screening and plantings at the garbage storage areas.
  • Design of a playscape on site.
  • Worked closely with the City Engineer to create code compliant utilities and monitored a challenging storm water management system.