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Tozer's Landing Park
Athens Township, PA

Tozer's Landing Park

Park Programming and Master Plan
  • Provided site analysis, site master planning and programming services for a new park.
  • Site inventory and analysis included assessment of existing conditions, soils, drainage patterns, vegetation, open space, accessibility and unique environmental features.
  • Assess programming needs and long range goals for the park. Developed a program of activities, land uses and objectives for both short term and long range needs.
  • Reviewed conditions of existing infrastructure including drives, walks, pavement, utilities, open space and environment sensitive areas and provided recommendations for use, redevelopment and/or expansion.
  • Evaluation of the storm water management system and recommendations for improvements to meet code and environmental standards.
  • Provided project cost estimate for implementation of improvement programs.
  • Development of plan graphics showing potential site improvements which included potential phasing options.