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Mansfield Auxiliary Corporation Park
Mansfield, PA

Mansfield Auxiliary Corporation Park

Park Design
  • Site design for the transformation of a vacant lot near Mansfield University into a neighborhood asset and community park.
  • Design of a neighborhood park to promote gathering and enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Collaboration with university students and the immediate community to learn and prioritize desires for the park space.
  • Community engagement lead to a program wish list including a flexible, accessible, safe, and dynamic space that accommodates outdoor dining, gathering, and outdoor performances and encourages a diverse population to take advantage of the pocket park.
  • Design that meets the needs of daily and seasonal activities.
  • Development of multiple concept options and 3D renderings to aid in design development, community engagement, and fundraising.
  • Refinement of the site plan and development of a detailed construction estimate.
  • Focal element of the park is a dynamic tensile shade structure that provides the physical form for a performance area.
  • Outdoor dining and gathering is accommodated by a combination of lawn seating, fixed benches, and seat walls.
  • The pocket park is defined by a perimeter brick wall and ornamental fencing and a complementary materials palette with the surrounding neighborhood aesthetic.
  • The design includes a playful walkway, oval lawn, and colorful plantings.