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Green Lakes State Park
Fayetteville, NY

Green Lakes State Park

Wayfinding Signage
  • Comprehensive plan and implementation for improved wayfinding signage.
  • Comprehensive plan outlining levels and type of signage, recommendations for signage hierarchy, and phasing suggestions.
  • Compliance with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation standards.
  • Development of contract documents including locator mapping.
Storm Water Management Redesign
  • Site design to improve water quality and function of the two lakes in the park.
  • Design goals were to reduce runoff into the lake and treat and control remaining runoff prior to entering the lake.
  • Sustainable design and green infrastructure were an integral part of this project, and the improvements at the park serve as one of the largest green infrastructure storm water management installations in the region.
  • Sustainable design included rain garden, rain barrels, storm water infiltration basins, horizontal flow wetland, porous asphalt in parking lot.
  • Permeable paver entrance to Environmental Education Center, outdoor classroom with permeable pavement.
  • Vehicular circulation improvements including intersection redesign, updated entry drive, bus drop-off area, drop-off and turnaround, emergency vehicle access.
  • Updated pedestrian pathways and trail signage.
  • Site work related to the relocation of the original boat house which was renovated into an Environmental Education Center.
  • New deck with restored shoreline.
  • Incorporation of an educational component with informational signage, a demonstration wetland, and outdoor classroom to educate park visitors on the use of green infrastructure storm water practices.