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Naples Central School District
Naples, NY

Naples Central School District

Multi-Phase 2017 Capital Improvement Project

Phase One

  • New circulation design including redesigned bus loop, parking lot, sidewalk, and curbs.
  • Grading and drainage improvements.
  • Landscaping improvements.

Phase Two

  • Site design for a new Transportation Facility.
  • Site design related to the transformation of a 3-acre vineyard into a new transportation facility.
  • Provide a new entry drive.
  • New bus parking lot and car parking area.
  • Grading and drainage improvements.
  • Storm water detention pond.
  • Coordination with MEP consultant for design of a concrete fuel island.
Multi-Phase 2009 Capital Improvement Project

Phase 1A, completed in 2011

  • Installation of five new tennis courts.
  • Relocation of an existing wooden playscape which was refinished with clear coating to ensure children's safety and add longer protection to the playscape.
  • Installation of new Spacenet Climber playground unit.
  • Installation of a three lane, handicap accessible perimeter asphalt loop around the playscape, complete with red color surfacing and white lane lines.
  • New asphalt basketball court with painted lines.

Phase 2, completed in 2014

  • Scope of work includes a new bus loop, enlarged parking lot, replacement of old and broken walks and curbs, updated site sanitary system, installation of a green space courtyard (asphalt removal replaced with lawn and trees).