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Liverpool Central School District
Liverpool, NY

Liverpool Central School District

2016 Capital Improvement Project

High School and Transportation Center, completed in 2017

  • Site work related to building additions including wayfinding signage.
  • Pavement improvements.

Wetzel Road Elementary, completed in 2020

  • Pavement and drainage improvements.

Long Branch Elementary, completed in 2020

  • Drainage improvements at playscape.
  • Selective land grading to improve site usage.

High School Athletic Complex, completed in 2020

  • New plaza area and entrance related to a new gymnasium building addition.
  • Service road and water line/hydrant improvements.

Fine Arts Building, completed in 2022

  • New exterior entrance/courtyard, circulation improvements, and parking expansion.
  • Decorative paver pattern in the plaza space to resemble piano keys.
2014 Capital Improvement Project

Chestnut Hill Campus, completed in 2015

  • Playscape improvements including a fitness track, transformer/chiller coordination and screening.
  • Service road replacement including drainage improvements, storm water management.
  • Entrance ramp and landing replacement.
2011 Capital Improvement Project

Liverpool Elementary/Middle School Campus, completed in 2012

  • Significant improvements to vehicular and pedestrian circulation, drainage, and landscaping.
  • Renovation of a baseball field and other multipurpose athletic fields.
  • Traffic calming measures include the separation of bus and student drop-off areas at multiple schools to improve safety.
  • Additional parking, neighborhood walks, innovative storm water management, site amenities at building entrances.
  • Sustainable site design (storm water, porous pavement, rain garden, landscaping) to assist in achieving LEED Certification.
  • Implementation of health and safety site improvements in compliance with NYSDOT, NYSDEC, and SEQRA requirements.
  • Coordination with District horticulturalist and a Professional Arborist related to the preservation of an existing oak tree.
  • Pedestrian friendly access routes, retaining walls for utility/service improvements.
  • Storm water management strategies requiring NYSDEC Permit approvals included porous pavement, subsurface storage/infiltration chambers, and a subsurface structural cell system to promote growth and provide infiltration.

Soule Road Complex Site Circulation Master Plan, completed in 2012

  • Development of a Site Circulation Master Plan with corresponding wayfinding signage.
  • Written report included overview of existing conditions, analysis of information, estimates, rendered Site Circulation Plan.
2009 Athletic Stadium Improvements
  • Renovation of existing athletic stadium complex including replacement of a synthetic turf field, bleachers and 8x8 lane resilient surface track.
  • Design and construction administration of a new athletic complex after the discovery of expansive soils forced the District to close it for use.
  • Extensive soil investigation to document the location and extent of expansive soils to be removed and replaced.
  • The existing Astroturf field installed on an e-layer was removed and a new sand/rubber infill turf was installed over a 10mm rubber pad. Inlaid lines for all their sports teams as well as a centerfield logo and end zone graphics.
  • New all-weather resilient 8x8 lane track with high end red float coat was installed.
  • 1,500 seat home-side bleachers and 500 seat visitor bleachers with storage space.
  • Provisions were made for future team rooms and an expanded press box.
  • A previously prepared Master Plan by AOLA and regular design meetings proved useful in final construction documents.