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Utica National Insurance Company
Utica, NY

Utica National Insurance Company

Site Improvements
New Hartford Campus
  • Pavement improvements, landscaping of the grounds including a screen wall that was incorporated into the design and arrival court.
  • Site redesign of a parking lot with planted islands, improved parking and upgraded image.
  • New sidewalks, ADA accessibility compliance at employee entry.
  • Front entry redesign and landscape plantings at employee and visitor entries.
  • Irrigation system to maintain adequate watering of plantings.
Downtown Campus, Utica, NY
  • A new office facility on a 1.7 acre parcel, the design includes streetscape improvements, parking, service dock, urban plaza and plantings.
  • Project involved the closure of a city street and incorporated key City planning objectives outlined in the City Master Plan.
  • The project required Site Plan approval, SEQR review, and coordination with various City agencies including removal of contaminated soils from the site prior to construction.
  • The land reclaimed from the street closure has been designed as a green space corridor for pedestrians only.