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Westhill CSD Hosts “Last Chance Warrior Steeple Challenge”

Appel Osborne is proud to see that our running track design at Westhill CSD offers a perfect venue for the “Last Chance Warrior Steeple Challenge” which the school has hosted for the past few years. The event involves a 3,000-meter run and occasional jumps off of large hurdles including one with a water hazard. Westhill coach Dan Reid said they host this event because it is a part of several invitational meets, and it’s a league, sectional, and state championship event. The track at Westhill CSD, which was completed by Appel Osborne in 2012, has a steeplechase water pit which allows for training in this event. Congratulations to those who participated and to those who qualified to compete at the state level. Click the link to read an article about the event.