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SUNY Morrisville's Drake Field Garnering National Attention

SUNY Morrisville's Drake Field Garnering National Attention

The new black synthetic turf at Drake Field at SUNY Morrisville is turning heads across the nation.


The College made the bold decision to install a black turf as part of a rebranding effort and desire to stand out. SUNY Morrisville is one of 19 SUNY schools with green as a primary color of their brand. Athletic Director, Matt Grawrock, explained that they're embracing black and white as primary colors, and they were eager to take advantage of this opportunity to make their field unique.


While many are praising the daring decision, there are others that have concerns about the field having a significantly warmer surface temperature. While it is true that synthetic turf retains heat more than natural grass, the difference between different color fibers is minimal. In addition to the studies and evidence that support this, the Upstate NY climate makes the choice for black turf even more viable.


The synthetic turf has inlaid lines for football, soccer, men's and women's lacrosse, and field hockey with vivid white, green, red, blue, and yellow markings.


Kudos to SUNY Morrisville for spearheading a path that embraces uniqueness and cultivates a campus identity and sense of community like no other. Congratulations to the College on the national recognition for their stunning new field, and thank you for giving Appel Osborne the opportunity to design this state-of-the-art facility. 


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