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Onondaga CSD Newsletter Shows AOLA Site Design

Onondaga CSD Newsletter Shows AOLA Site Design

AOLA Project Manager, Bernie Martin, has been working with the Onondaga Central School District to develop site design that improves vehicular circulation concerns and maximizes utilization of an outdoor learning space.  The district is applying for a grant to implement these important site upgrades. 

At the Jr./Sr. High School, design eliminates traffic congestion by providing an asphalt drop-off loop.  The one-way drop-off loop will alleviate traffic flow issues and will be bordered by concrete sidewalks and granite curbs.  The curb cut will require approval from the NYS Department of Transportation.  The project will also feature storm water management improvements.

To improve an outdoor classroom space at Rockwell Elementary School, design replaces an existing asphalt surface with a paver walkway, textured concrete walk, lawn and engineered wood fiber play areas.  The space will feature play and learning structures, picnic tables, a shade structure, seating wall and other site amenities to enhance the appearance and function of the space.  Other important design features include ADA accessibility, site lighting, and storm water management.  The outdoor learning space will be enjoyed by all classes for various subjects from Physical Education to Science.

The July/August issue of the District’s newsletter shows Bernie’s site design plans and discusses the goals of the projects.

OCS Newsletter Aug 2017