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New Athletic Field Getting Maximum Use at Falconer CSD

Construction was recently completed on a new all-weather synthetic turf sports complex at Falconer CSD, and the district is making the most of it.  We are happy to see the district so excited to use the turf field our firm designed for them and finishing touches are being done on the track to complete the facility.  Jeffrey Jordan, High School/Middle School Principal, said “It’s used every day with our students in physical education as well as our teams participating in athletics.”  In addition to sports and physical education, the field also hosted the middle school “lawn social”.  Bill Race, the former Falconer coach for which the field was named, wrote in a letter to the district that he is proud to be representing the community and the team responsible for developing one of “the finest athletic complexes in Western New York.”  Click the link below to read a story and watch a video about the new facility.