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Green Lakes State Park Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Green Lakes State Park Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Green Lakes State Park celebrated the ribbon cutting for their new Environmental Education Center project on Friday, October 12.  This was an extensive project that required relocation of the original boat house and transforming it into a renovated education center.  Senior Partner, Pete Osborne, and Associate/Project Manager, Taylor Goldthwait, were responsible for the site design which included multiple sustainable design practices, outdoor teaching space, wayfinding signage, parking, and vehicular and pedestrian circulation.  Sustainable design features include multiple bio-retention areas, porous pavement in the parking lot, and preservation of existing trees.  Many members of the New York State legislature spoke at the event, and the ribbon cutting was performed with students from local schools.  Green Lakes State Park is passionate about connecting the community with the outdoors, and Appel Osborne is proud to support that effort.


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