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Elephant Pool Construction Moving Along

Appel Osborne is the prime consultant for the new elephant pool that is being constructed within the Asian Elephant Preserve at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY.  The elephant pool was outlined as a priority project in the Zoo’s strategic master planning process and was determined to be a key element in improving the well-being of the Zoo’s elephant herd and helping to create an authentic habitat.  Appel Osborne is responsible for the site design, as well as coordinating the design and construction team, which includes multiple sub-consultants and three prime construction contracts.  The 50,000-gallon pool will feature a waterfall feature, potable water drinker, gently sloping access points, and varying water depths to maximize safety and cater to the varying ages and preferences of the elephant herd, all of which meets the standards of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).  The project also includes an extensive Life Support System that will constantly cycle and filter the pool water in a closed loop for optimal water quality while being efficient with water resources.  Appel Osborne also designed a new overlook deck for Zoo patrons to have prime viewing of the elephants enjoying their new pool and is managing storm water runoff and excess pool wastewater with green infrastructure practices to promote on-site infiltration.  It is anticipated that the elephants will be able to enjoy their new pool this summer!



Elephant Pool 4.11.16


Elephant Pool 2 4.11.16