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Celebrating the Women of AOLA

Celebrating the Women of AOLA

Women’s History Month began in 1987 to celebrate the contributions women have made, and continue to make, in our nation’s history, culture, and society.  International Women’s Day, recognized on March 8, was first observed in 1911 to acknowledge that social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and freedoms require active participation, equality, and development of women. 

We believe that our entire team deserves recognition and acclaim every day; however, Appel Osborne would like to take March as an opportunity to celebrate the women of our firm and recognize them as an essential element to our success.  From associates, to project managers, to designers, to administrative staff, the dedicated women of AOLA are crucial in achieving our firm’s goals. 

While recent statistics show that the number of landscape architecture graduates is close to an even split (47% men and 53% women according to a 2015 American Society of Landscape Architects survey), the field of landscape architecture inevitably involves a close tie to the field of construction, which is largely male-dominated with the construction workforce made up of only 9.9% women (National Association for Women in Construction – December 2018).  While all of our project managers are expected to represent our firm in the field appropriately, we realize that our female landscape architects are expected to exemplify professional yet confident execution of their designs with predominantly male counterparts in the engineering, construction, and construction management industries.  We are proud to support their leadership and confidence in the field.

We are very proud to say that women make up 45% of our workforce!  We applaud these women and their contributions to our success through design, business development, marketing, and administrative support.  The commitment and enthusiasm you bring to Appel Osborne are irreplaceable assets, and we are proud to have you on our team.

Thank you to Linda, Brittany, Jennie, Stacey, Julia, Colleen, Liz, Erika, Jenna, Alexa, Lisa, Katy, and Jessica for the hard work, innovative ideas, leadership, and positive energy you bring to our office.  Our firm would not be where it is today if it weren’t for your contributions.


Women of AOLA