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Appel Osborne Opens Buffalo Office

Appel Osborne is excited to announce the opening of our second location!  The new office, located at the Silos at Elk Street in Buffalo, will begin operation on November 1.  Our new office is located in the renovated Kreiner Malting Silos amid the developing Buffalo River Front.  The malt house was home to multiple companies and began operation in 1894.  The building was vacant from 1986 until The Silos at Elk Street, LLC took ownership of the building in 2015 with the goal of adaptive reuse for commercial and residential spaces.  The Silos building is listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places.  While our two offices are now in different areas of the state, our office technologies allow seamless communication between both locations.  Our main phone number, (315) 476-1022, will allow you to reach any staff member regardless of their office location.  


Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone! 


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