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Appel Osborne Celebrates Installation of 100th Synthetic Turf

Appel Osborne Celebrates Installation of 100th Synthetic Turf

We are proud and honored to celebrate this exciting milestone!  The 100th synthetic turf field designed by Appel Osborne has been installed and is in-use.  The new baseball and softball fields at Gowanda CSD mark the 99th and 100th synthetic turf fields designed by our firm to be constructed. 


The journey of becoming a trustworthy expert in the design of synthetic turf fields began 27 years ago with the design and installation of our first turf at Rome Free Academy.  Although synthetic turf was introduced in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the early 1980s when an improved product was developed that the popularity of synthetic turf started to take off.  In the 1990s, the infill turf system was introduced and has been the foundation for the continuously evolving systems we see today.  After the success of our first design and installation in the early-1990s, and the growing popularity and advantages of synthetic turf (if lit for night games – synthetic turf can be used 24 hours/day; lower maintenance costs; minimal wear & tear, etc.), our firm made it a priority to stay current and invested in the knowledge, design strategies, and evolution of synthetic turf athletic fields. 


In 2012, after designing over 35 turf fields and overseeing their successful construction, Appel Osborne Landscape Architecture became certified by the Synthetic Turf Council.  We have upheld this certification ever since and continue to be the ONLY design firm with this credential in New York State.  We have remained dedicated to staying current on the evolution of synthetic turf in regards to both efficient design and the products themselves.  Over the years, our relationship with various turf vendors and site contractors has become a valuable asset in assuring that our designs are installed correctly and the end-user is pleased with the result from both an aesthetic and safety standpoint.


In addition to our expertise in turf design and product information, we also pride ourselves on refining our approach to the site engineering that accompanies a synthetic turf field.  We have vast experience in storm water management design to specifically address the necessary criteria for synthetic turf fields.  We also offer site design services for a variety of athletic complex amenities including stadium entries, ticket booths, concession buildings, bleacher seating and press boxes, security fencing, pedestrian walkways, and necessary vehicular circulation and parking.


Thank you to our clients for continuing to trust and support our efforts and achievements in synthetic turf field and athletic complex design and for continuing to motivate us to remain a leader is this arena.


Here’s to 100 more!



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