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AOLA Project Manager Volunteers Time for Eagle Scout Project

AOLA Project Manager Volunteers Time for Eagle Scout Project

Appel Osborne Project Manager, Bernie Martin, has been volunteering his time and his landscape architecture knowledge to assist a high school student with his Eagle Scout project.  Raymond Anderson is a junior at Onondaga Central School District who, in an effort to achieve his Eagle Scout designation, has developed a project to improve the training experience for his school’s cross country team.  To enhance an area where the team currently runs through a lawn area, his project is to create a new section of cross country trail approximately ¼ mile long that runs through the wooded hillside behind the track.  Raymond has organized a group of volunteers that gather on Saturday mornings to work on the trail that he has designed and he has received donations from local municipalities, companies, farmers, and residents for materials.  The OCS Booster Club is supporting the effort by providing food for the volunteers. 


While Raymond designed the trail, Bernie volunteered, time, advice, and some materials to assist him in site selection and help prepare him for the presentation of his project to the district.  The project was promptly accepted by the Board of Education.  In addition to planning for the new trail, Bernie has volunteered on Saturday mornings to work on the project.


Currently, the new section of trail is more than half complete.  Brush has been cleared, the path is being leveled, and drainage has been installed.  All that remains to complete the project is more leveling of the path, stump removal, installation of a culvert, and some wood mulch surfacing.  Raymond is hoping to have the trail complete by the end of the summer so that it can be used for the upcoming cross country season in the fall.


Below is a picture of Raymond and the volunteers from the OCS Newsletter.

Bernie Boyscout Project Photo